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 How to make your Own skins.

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PostSubject: How to make your Own skins.   Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:12 pm

Sorry, It's simple enough so there is no use of visual aid. lol!

Question How do I make my skins?

Exclamation 1)open CS2D folder, then go to GFX and look for the archive "players" and open it in any graphic design program, i recommend paint for beginners (WARNING!: make a backup file of "players" archive if someway you mess up with the editing)

2)edit the players as you want and remember: DO NOT CHANGE THE IMAGE SIZE
if you want to add something add it and then copy the players borderline color (you can slighty see it) and make a borderline for the thing you added (as seen in the screen with the 1337 crew's cigarrete)

3)click on "archive..." at top left and put "save" NOT "save as..."

4)enter the game and enjoy to play. Upload you Creations at Media Fire creations so we can see what you did!
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How to make your Own skins.
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