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 How Do I Do a custom spray?

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PostSubject: How Do I Do a custom spray?   Mon May 18, 2009 5:00 pm

Please READ, All Unrealated Questions Will Resualt In a ban. AND Please Report some programs That you can make custom spray logos. THAT ARE NOT LISTED HERE YET. lol!

How Do I Make A Custom Spray?
There are Various Ways AND Programs To make a custom spray.

1. Programs

2. How to Use it with Ms Paint.

3 How To use with Gimp.

4 How to upload it.

Here are some PROGRAMS to make The custom spray you want.
(Difficulty by color But can Vary by "skill".)

Difficulty: Very Easy
Quality: Poor No
Price: Free
(Considering It is already In your Windows Computer.)
RE-Download. (IF YOU LOST IT.) If you still have your OS disk, you can reload it from that. Just go to the control panel, add & remove programs, and then to add & remove windows components. You will find MS Paint in the accessories and utilities, accessorie

-Gimp 2.6.6
Difficulty: Mainly Easy to use.
Quality: Good Like a Star @ heaven
Price: Free
Download Gimp 2.6.6

-Adobe Photo Shop
Difficulty: Pretty Moderate.
Quality: Best. cheers
Price: ?
Free Trial For Adobe Photo shop CS4


First,Open It Up, And select the "Image" Tab, Then Select Atrributes.

Next, Set the Attributes as, 32x 32x (If a different size, The CS2D Game will stop while your selecting you logo, and say MUST BE 32 32. AND That you must change it.)

After, Using the fill tool, Make your background Black. And make your logo White. the more dark the more Transparent. (Add aditional Dots or Marks for spray effects.)

Lastly , Save as 24-bitmap Color To anywhere. (DESKTOP Recommended.)

How to Upload

First Off,open up your CS2D Folders.
Dont know how? LOOK Below.

1.Right click The CS2D Icon and goto Properties.

Next, Goto "Find Target."

You have now learned to open your cs2d folder!

Open up the "LOGOS" Folder.(Obvious)

And drag YOUR logo, which you named, Into The Image belt or, The folder itself.

Goto Options and swith your tag, BOOM! your done.

- Head Of Forum staff.
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How Do I Do a custom spray?
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