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 How to make a bind:

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Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear

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PostSubject: How to make a bind:   Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:42 am

First open your cs2d folder. There you should see "sys". Click it.
Then click "autoexec". And open it on notepad or something like that..
Now you should see stuff.. (And I'll just copy what they said.)

Add your buyscripts and other binds/aliases here!
A list of all commands is available at:
Controls/buying related commands:

Example 1): Buy AK47/M4A1, kevlar, HE, ammo and 2 flashs with F5
bind "F5" "ak47; m4a1; vesthelm; hegren; buyammo1; buyammo2; flash; flash"

Example 2): Select and throw your HE grenade with F6
bind "F6" "weapon HE; attack"

Example 3): Say " rocks!" and spray your logo with F7
bind "F7" "say rocks!; spray"
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How to make a bind:
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